I am a PhD Candidate in the Faculty of Education (Centre for Cross-Faculty Inquiry in Education) at the University of British Columbia. My research focuses on the intersections of environmental media, environmental movement communication, public education campaigns, visual culture for environmental change, and post-qualitative and non-representational methodologies.  I investigate these topics through inquiry into posthumanism, subjectification, process-ontologies and entanglements, materiality, non-Cartesian knowledge, and sense.  My writing is often informed by the work of Felix Guattari and Gilles Deleuze.

Methodologically, my work takes up the idea of fieldwork in philosophy through experiments in post-qualitative and non-representational methodologies, feminist media studies.

My PhD research is an inquiry into post-qualitative methodologies for studying the role of communication in environmental movements. It’s also about process-ontologies, entanglements, and enactments of political subjectification, and the force that communication and campaigns’ claims to public education has in this process.  As part of this work, I examine the affective textures and atmospheres of what campaigns and media activism do as part of environmental campaigners’ efforts in claims to educate and mobilize the public, and how to think about eNGOs and environmental activists’ knowledge practices and people’s material (sensed & embodied) encounters with these texts (as materials and discourses) and practices.

I have a Masters degree in Communication and Culture from York University (Toronto) and completed my BA in Communication from Simon Fraser University (Burnaby).  You can find my MA thesis Matter is Movement on Bergson, Latour, materialism, and environmental photography and documentary films here.  My current work has been published in the Canadian Journal of Communication, Critical Studies in Education, the Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy and Continuum: Journal of Media and Culture.

Research interests:

  • Environmental media and communication
  • Visual culture in environmental movements
  • Ecology as media (affective atmospheres)/elemental media
  • Ontology and (posthuman) subjectification
  • Environmental education (post-critical)
  • Post-qualitative methodologies and new empiricisms
  • Audience studies/media use research through post-qualitative, non-representational research methodologies
  • Adult learning in social movements
  • Popular culture, advertising and consumerism
  • Continental philosophy, poststructuralist theory, posthumanist philosophy, especially the work of Gilles Deleuze

Some additional info about me:


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