I am a PhD Candidate in the Faculty of Education (Centre for Cross-Faculty Inquiry in Education) at the University of British Columbia. My research focuses on the intersections of critical media studies, environmental communication, and environmental and political education.  Broadly, my research interests include environmental communication, particularly from the perspective of non-representational approaches to audience studies, environmental and social justice education, social movement communication, environmental issues and consumer culture. I investigate these topics in relation to questions of power, knowledge, futurities, space, posthumanism and subjectification.

My research also focuses on various modes of methodological inquiry, particularly innovations in post-qualitative and non-representational methodologies, feminist media studies, and fieldwork in philosophy.

For my PhD research, I am examining how various public pedagogical texts (news and advertising) are used by environmental campaigners, eNGOs and environmental activists, to construct different ideas about what it means to be a political subject, particularly in the context of intense corporate pipeline propaganda and a national chill on environmental charities’ political work. My work takes a critical and cultural studies approach to map how individuals in the environmental movement negotiate their subjectification, which results from various conflicting intensions, desires, perceptions of self-care , and geographic spaces and imaginative heterotopias of their own, as well as those of journalists and campaigners.  My work advocates for a nuanced, and relational approach to theorizing subjectifiation and takes a critical approach to the ‘civic literacy’ discourses prevalent in public education for social change today.

I have a Masters degree in Communication and Culture from York University (Toronto) and completed my BA in Communication from Simon Fraser University (Burnaby).  My work has been published in the Canadian Journal of Communication, Critical Studies in Education, and in the Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy.

Research interests

  • Environmental education and communication
  • Subjectivity and subjectivization, especially of political, gendered and racialized subjects
  • Audience studies/media use research through post-qualitative, non-representational research methodologies
  • Adult learning in social movements
  • Environmental communication in social movements/activism
  • Popular culture, advertising and consumerism
  • Critical and social theory; Post-structurlalist and posthumanist philosophy
  • Intersections of social, environmental and animal rights justice

Some additional info about me:

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